Paint the motorcycle – this is how you can do it yourself

Every motorcyclist is usually also a lover of his machine. Motorcycling is a passion because it is not just about getting from A to B, i.e. using the vehicle as a means of transport, but it is also a widespread hobby. Being on the road on your own bike through the warm summer months is a balance to the dreary everyday life or professional life for many. But not only the ride itself is a great experience for a biker. Motorcyclists also like to work intensively with their machines. They love to thoroughly clean the machine, polish the seat cover or do other work. In addition to various tuning work to visually improve the exterior of the motorcycle, one thing is particularly popular: painting the machine. Many even dare to do this process themselves and are enthusiastic about the great results and excellent colors. A new color can give a bike a completely different look. So why buy a new motorcycle straight away when painting the frame or the tank or other parts can make the whole machine look like new? If you also have the necessary experience, some basic knowledge and a little manual skill, you can also carry out this work yourself. Ultimately, you will save a lot of money, because painting jobs are expensive to pay for. But can you really trust yourself to do this work? What kind of material do you need for this? And what are the costs? Are there any tips to follow to get a particularly good result? In the following, we want to go into these questions in more detail and give you a first impression of painting a bike.

When painting, what can I do myself and what should a professional do?

There are indeed differences here. You can definitely take care of some things yourself, but for other jobs it would be better to turn to a specialist. As far as the parts of the fairing are concerned, for example, you can certainly venture yourself here. These components are easily removed and disassembled. Then the painting can start. The tank of the motorcycle can also be dismantled very easily, so this would be a job for you too. But as far as the frame of the motorcycle is concerned, going to a specialist would be a better choice. This component is mostly powder coated and not painted. A professional would be able to find possible traces of rust and then treat them as well.

What material do I need?

What kind of materials do you need to get now so that you can finally get started? Well, first of all you should of course think of protective clothing, goggles and respiratory protection are particularly important at this point, as are gloves. In addition, of course, you need paint and varnish yourself. Sandpaper and putty, as well as a compressor and a spray gun then round off the equipment. You should also be careful not to save on the price here. Only high-quality material, high-quality paint and high-performance protective clothing can optimally protect your health and guarantee a good result in your work.

What costs should I expect?

At this point, of course, it depends on whether you decide to hand over your machine to a specialist and entrust him with this work, or whether you prefer to lend a hand yourself. If you decide to go to a specialist, you definitely have to reckon with several hundred euros. The bill can quickly turn out to be four digits. However, if you trust yourself to do this work because you have the necessary experience and manual skills, you can save a lot of money. Because here you will only have to pay the costs for the material, and they are not high.

Are there other tips and things that you should note?

Definitely there is. Because you should always keep one thing in mind: the work of painting can cause serious damage to your health. We're not talking about coughing or anything like that here. We are talking about working with dangerous chemicals that can seriously harm the body. Therefore, you should always observe the protective measures. On the one hand, you should always make sure that you carry out the painting work in a room that is well ventilated. So the garage would not be the ideal place for it. In addition, wearing protective clothing is an absolute must. Only if you put on safety goggles, gloves and a breathing mask can you be given the protection your body needs. The eyes and skin must never come into contact with the varnish or paint. If this has happened, then rinsing the eyes or the affected skin areas will not help. Then see a doctor immediately. Respiratory protection must also be worn in accordance with regulations so that no paint particles can be inhaled.

Keep in mind that a simple disposable mask is not enough. Buy professional respirators made specifically for this type of work. Never save money here, because your health is at stake.

The conclusion and a tip from CarTipsandmore

In summary, it can be said that painting a motorcycle promises a completely different appearance. This makes some machines look like new and even sportier and more aggressive. It is also a great pastime when enthusiastic motorcyclists can work intensively on their own bikes. Not to mention the money you save by doing the painting yourself and not hiring professionals. But there is one thing you should never lose sight of: only trust this process if you have basic knowledge and experience. And never fail to wear protective gear. If you need to buy a respirator and goggles, don't skimp on the money here. Quality should be the top priority here, because your health is at stake. At this point, CarTipsandmore recommends that you only carry out painting work if you have either already done it several times or know a specialist who you can contact if you have any questions. Do not approach the matter without thinking, but turn to experts and ask for advice. Even if you enjoy working on your machine, your health should always come first.

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