Electric cars – the solution to protect the environment

In today's world there is a need for action. Plastic is floating in the seas, the ozone layer is damaged, the forests are burning out, the air is becoming more and more polluted, especially in the cities, and due to the many millions of combustion engines on all continents, CO2 emissions are higher than ever. If we want to continue to live on the planet as we have known it, we have an obligation to ensure that pollution of the environment does not deteriorate, but either stagnates or even improves. Many political measures are already helping to relieve the burden on the environment and restore a balance.

But that doesn't mean we can sit back and relax. It is up to each and every one of us to help protect the environment. The topic of sustainability has therefore become increasingly important in recent years. People buy objects that can also be used sustainably and do not necessarily end up in the garbage after a single use. In this way, the pollution of the seas can be largely stopped or at least slowed down and delayed. Another objection from environmental activists is to drastically reduce the number of cars. Here, consideration is being given to increasing reliance on the use of universal public transport, so that more cars stay in their garages or in their parking lots and commuting to work for many people is by bus, train or bicycle. But not everyone can do without their car and switch to bus, bicycle or train. In the city this is perhaps largely possible, but in the country it looks completely different. Here people are often dependent on cars because there is no bus to go to their place of work or it is simply too far to cycle to work. Even bad weather conditions usually make it impossible to cycle to work. But here too there is a solution to protect the environment as much as possible. We don't have to do without the use of cars in large numbers, especially not if we have to limit our everyday comfort to do so. Instead, it is enough to convert – from combustion engines to electric vehicles. There are still many doubters who don't think much of electric vehicles. That is why we would like to list the advantages of e-cars for you below so that you too can understand what an important step the conversion from combustion engines to electric vehicles is for us

What are the advantages of electric vehicles?

Today's electric cars are so advanced in terms of technology that they can offer numerous advantages. First of all, the quite simply designed engines generate a very high performance, no gearbox is necessary here, there are components and ancillary units. Nevertheless, the acceleration of an e-car is usually much faster than that of a comparable vehicle with a combustion engine. Of course, you also have to take into account how powerful the battery actually is.

Another advantage here is the low maintenance requirement and the long service life. The workshop costs are of course significantly lower as a result, partly because repairs are less frequent. There is also the environmental bonus that the state grants if you decide to convert from a combustion engine to an electric vehicle. You also have the option of having your own PV system on the roof of the car or in the garage to ensure that it is particularly easy to get the electricity that is needed for the journey. This saved you money again. Quite apart from the fact that each “fill up” consists of simply recharging the vehicle's battery, which of course is a lot cheaper than filling up a combustion engine at the gas station.

Also, did you know that braking an electric car recovers energy? This is called recuperation. The recuperation not only ensures that you waste less energy when braking, but also helps to protect the brake system of your vehicle, since the brake system is hardly used during recuperation and the wear on the brakes is also reduced as a result.

Did you also know that electric cars are completely odorless? Especially people who live in the city center and are exposed to the gases of the combustion engines on a daily basis will quickly notice this positively. But even for people who live on busy roads or even near the motorway, it would contribute to an improvement in the quality of life if more and more electric vehicles were on the road and the exhaust gases and their unpleasant odors were reduced.

The biggest advantage – Zero emissions

The fact that e-cars do not emit any emissions that are harmful to us and the environment make them the ideal solution to take action for our planet. If everyone in the world were to convert from combustion engines to electric vehicles in the long term, our environment would be completely different within a few years.

But quite apart from these most important advantages that speak for the purchase of an electric vehicle, the e-cars also ensure a flawless image. So if you drive up with such a car, you are showing the public quite consciously that you place great value on sustainability and environmental friendliness. And can't such a modern and technically high-quality e-car also be a small piece of status symbol for those who like to see and be seen?

Another advantage that speaks for e-cars is the fact that the battery can be charged directly from home. By purchasing a wall box, it is even possible to fully charge your car within a very short time. This means that no waiting time has to be taken into account. Charging overnight is therefore also possible without purchasing a wall box. In addition, household electricity is particularly cheap.

Also: did you know that the insurance premiums and taxes for an e-vehicle are in no way comparable to those of vehicles with combustion engines? So if you buy an e-car, you only pay a fraction of the insurance fees and taxes. This is of course partly because the state wants to encourage the purchase of e-cars.

The conclusion and a tip from CarTipsandmore: Finally, it can be stated that the purchase of an E-vehicle brings numerous advantages. Simply let yourself be inspired by a test drive in an e-vehicle. CarTipsandmore advises you to contact your trusted car dealer and get individual advice on which e-car suits you best. Give yourself a push and the environment a new chance!

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