Can I ride a motorcycle with a driving license class B?

Anyone who decides to get their driving license will sooner or later deal with the question of what they are actually allowed to drive. Even if the practical driving lessons are actually only completed in a car and the practical test takes place in a normal car, everyone should know that after successfully passing the theoretical and practical test, they are also quite capable of operating other vehicles. The standard vehicle at this point is, of course, the passenger car, but being able to operate it and drive it safely through traffic then, by law, one is also able to operate a number of other vehicles in traffic. But what exactly are you allowed to drive if you have passed a class B driver's license? This question is especially interesting for those who just decide to get a driver's license. Because what about, for example, driving trailers or mopeds or even motorcycles? Is anyone who has a category B driving license automatically authorized to also drive a motorcycle, moped or trailer? In the following we want to go into these and other questions in more detail.

Who is allowed to drive according to the driving license regulation?

Since the end of 2019 there has been a change in the driving license regulation. Since then, holders of driving license category B have also been allowed to drive light motorcycles, whereby the cubic capacity can be up to 125 cubic centimetres. The question often arises as to whether a category B driving license can also be used to drive a motorcycle. First, you should take a closer look at what motorcycle license holders are allowed to drive. Because there are still motorcycle owners who believe that they can operate a normal car with a motorcycle license. But that is wrong. If a driver's license entitles you to drive a motorcycle on the road, that does not mean that other vehicles can also be driven legally with it. However, this is possible the other way around. If you have a category B driver's license, you can drive other vehicles in addition to a conventional car. But not every one. The design of the motorcycle largely determines whether you are allowed to drive it with a category B driving license or not. But apart from that, the date of issue is also very important. You should therefore take into account when exactly you obtained your driver's license.

However, there are some vehicles that you – regardless of when you got your category B driver's license – can always drive. Between 2005 and 2013, for example, there was a driving license class S, which enabled you to drive light vehicles such as quads or scooters. However, the maximum speed should be 45 km/h and not exceed this value. However, this category S driving license was only widespread in The United Kingdom and was not recognized by other countries. Since the end of 2019, however, class B owners have also been able to drive vehicles that are otherwise assigned to class A1. However, some prerequisites were set here as a condition. On the one hand, you should have completed at least four theoretical and five practical driving lessons of up to 90 minutes, you should also have driven vehicles with driving license category B for at least five years and you should be at least 25 years old. If these requirements have been met and the additional driving lessons have also been completed, the code number 196 can be entered and thus the class B driving license can be extended to class B196. However, it should always be taken into account here that class B196 will never replace class A1.

With which driving license can I actually drive a moped?

A moped is actually a bicycle with an auxiliary motor, which is differentiated according to performance. There are vehicles that manage between 20 and 25 km/h and are therefore particularly slow on the road and are usually not found on conventional roads, but rather on pedestrian or cyclist paths. Young people in particular are fascinated by moped driving. Also because no conventional driving license is required. Anyone who is at least 15 years old can obtain a moped driver's license. Here, too, a theoretical part and a practical part are tested in the exam. If these two exams have been passed and the minimum age has been reached, nothing stands in the way. But is that really enough? In principle, no conventional driving license is required to drive a moped on the road. A test certificate is sufficient here.

The conclusion and a tip from CarTipsandmore

In summary, it can be said that anyone who has a category B driver's license can usually drive a moped without any problems. However, you should pay attention to the performance of the moped. A test certificate is usually sufficient here and not a conventional driver's license. In addition, the 15th year of life should have been completed. Since 2020, it has also been permitted to drive motorcycles and scooters with a displacement of up to 125 ccm. Normally, the acquisition of the driving license class A1 was required. In view of the fact that fuel prices are currently taking on enormous proportions, buying a moped or a cheap motorbike is definitely not a bad investment. A moped uses only a fraction of the fuel of a conventional car.

CarTipsandmore recommends at this point that you still get a motorcycle driver's license. Because even if you can drive a moped or quad with a driving license class B, you need your own class A driving license to operate most real motorcycles.

Riding a motorcycle has many advantages. On the one hand, you can move around much better on the road, and there is also a certain solidarity among bikers. As a motorcycle driver, you will also perceive nature, the weather and the environment around you much more intensively than when you are driving a normal car. The speed of traffic and the performance of today's technology are – according to motorcyclists – perceived very differently than when you are sitting in a car. Still not sure if you want to get a class A driver's license? Then rent a moped or a quad to get a taste of new air. As long as you have a class B driver's license, you can – as you just learned – also drive a quad or a moped without any problems. Once you've tasted blood, you can always take other driver's license tests.

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