Apple CarPlay – what is it and why is it interesting to me

We all know the problem that a smartphone cannot be used in the vehicle. We would love to answer a message, do some research on Google or just check the weather. We would also like to read incoming What's App messages and answer them briefly. But all activities that are carried out on the smartphone are normally an absolute taboo topic while driving and on the road. The risk of being distracted from what is actually happening on the road while reading a message or typing an answer is too great, thereby triggering a dangerous situation. Studies have shown that just reading a short text message on a smartphone can lead to a few seconds of distraction at the wheel, and those few seconds can mean, for example, that a red light or a child at a crosswalk is overlooked. As a result, a dangerous situation can arise which, in the worst case, ends in an accident. The police react today with a high fine if drivers are caught with a smartphone at the wheel. So are there no alternatives to still being able to access the mobile phone without accidents being accepted or the threat of high fines? These alternatives do indeed exist. Apple CarPlay gives you the opportunity to use your smartphone intelligently in traffic.

In the following, we would like to explain in more detail what is possible with Apple CarPlay.

AppleCar Play – what is possible?

The question now is: what can you do with Apple CarPlay? First of all, one of the most exciting answers to this question: not only can you use it to operate your mobile phone while driving, but you can also open and start your car without an ignition key. This is possible for some vehicles that have been sold since 2021. In addition, the “virtual” key to your vehicle can also be shared with friends or family via message. So if you allow a friend to get in your car and drive off, you simply “virtually” send them the key to your vehicle via message. With this received message, your friend can now gain access to your car and even start it. But what if your iPhone battery is dead? Well, even then the smartphone can still be used as a virtual ignition key for up to five hours. But how exactly is it possible to use the iPhone on the road via Apple CarPlay without making yourself liable to prosecution? This is easily possible because all functions of the smartphone are operated via voice control. So if you want to read an incoming message, you simply have Apple CarPlay read it out to you. If you want to answer, you simply dictate your answer. This is then written down and sent.

Messages can be opened, read out and answered via Siri. A distracting look at the display of your iPhone, which would distract you from the actual traffic on the road, is no longer necessary. And yet you are available. Listening to your favorite radio stations or your beloved artists and your favorite songs is also possible via voice control. And do you also know the calendar app that Apple offers you? Of course, this calendar app is also linked to Apple CarPlay, so you will never miss an appointment again. You will be reminded in good time what is coming up next in your schedule. For example, if you have a meeting or a coffee with friends, you can save the location of the meeting or meeting in your calendar beforehand. If the meeting is imminent, all you have to do is click on the appointment calendar and your car will immediately calculate the route to the desired destination. If you're not a fan of using Siri and prefer not to use voice control, you can also operate your smartphone using your car's buttons and touchscreen. This also makes it possible for you to always fix your eyes and your focus on the traffic and to rule out possible dangerous situations. Apple CarPlay also gives you access to numerous apps. Just a few examples would be Spotify, Whatsapp, audio books, Amazon Music, Audible and much more. As for navigation, you can access the app you're familiar with.

Which models are compatible with Apple CarPlay?

First of all, you should know that only the current models are compatible with this function. So if you drive a vehicle that was built in 2021 or later, you can assume that there is compatibility. Because up to 600 models from the most well-known automobile manufacturers offer to link this function to their vehicles. As for iPhones, almost all iPhones from iPhone 5 to iPhone 13 Pro generations can access Apple CarPlay. So if you own an iPhone, there is a very high probability that this service from Apple would be of interest to you, since it can be accessed with almost any iPhone.

The conclusion and a tip from CarTipsandmore

As all of us know, using a smartphone while driving has been banned for many years. If you are caught reading or responding to messages on the road, you can face hefty fines. In the worst case – if you have been caught using your cell phone several times – your driver's license can even be revoked for a few months. But there are solutions for that too. One of them is called Apple CarPlay. With this function, which can be used on almost all iPhones and is compatible with many modern car models, you can have incoming messages read aloud and dictate replies. So your focus stays on the road and you can still react to important things. Music or radio stations can also be controlled by voice, not to mention the appointment calendar or the navigation device. Alternatively, if you're reluctant to use your voice, you can use your vehicle's buttons and display. At this point, CarTipsandmore advises you to use Apple CarPlay as a replacement for an ignition key. This gives you access to your car through your iPhone and you can even start it with it.

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