Cars spend 95% of their lives parked

In view of the high volume of traffic in the cities, one could assume that one's own car is used regularly. In fact, our cars stand around unused for an average of 23 hours and are only actively used for about an hour a day, according to the result of a market study on the subject of “Shared Mobility”. It remains doubtful whether this would make a move away from private car ownership towards forms of alternative mobility such as car sharing. This would not necessarily reduce traffic, but only the number of parked vehicles. In this context, the question arises: How long can a car be parked on the street?

But how long can a car be parked?

In principle, there is no stipulation from the legislature that sets a clear limit for a parking period – unless otherwise indicated on the road, and parking is completely prohibited by no-parking signs or is limited in time by parking meters. It goes without saying that you can park without hesitation in public parking lots that do not require a parking ticket, because there is no obligation to move vehicles regularly in this sense. However, it becomes problematic if a no-parking sign is subsequently put up due to construction work: Caution is advised here, because the car can be towed away at the owner's expense. Therefore, in the event of an upcoming holiday or a longer absence, it should be ensured that, in case of doubt, an acquaintance can park the car. How long can a car stand now? The short answer is: Essentially, it can be left on a public road indefinitely. However, it should be noted that maintaining a car that has not been driven for several months is a problem. How long a vehicle can stand still is not just a question of being allowed to. Various components can suffer from corrosion if not used. If it's a month or two then essentially no serious consequences are to be expected provided the battery shows no signs of wear and tear.

Overall, parking plays a more important role than perhaps previously thought. And since the car remains the number one mode of transport, a city must have enough parking spaces to meet the needs of its residents.

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